Out-of-State Students

The Grow School welcomes students from everywhere, to come visit Colorado and participate in our GROW-101 cannabis cultivation course. The Grow School has 1200+ students, and some have come from as far away as the US Virgin Islands, Brasil, and Japan, to take the GROW-101 Legal Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Course.

If you are visiting from out-of-state, please do not risk bringing any cannabis illegally across state lines… especially when leaving the State of Colorado.

Following suit behind Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C., many states have or soon will have pending recreational and or medical marijuana laws legally allowing its use. The Grow School can help citizens be ready for when that day arrives in their own State by teaching them everything they will need to know about growing cannabis, so they will be ready to start “Growing Their Own” the day it becomes legal in their state of residence (if it isn’t already).


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