Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t live in Colorado. Can I take a Cannabis Growing Course?
A: Yes. The Grow School welcomes Out-of-State students, and has welcomed students come from as far away as the Japan! Currently about 90% of The Grow School’s students are from Out-of-State. If you can’t come to Colorado to take a Course, you can take the same course ONLINE from home! For more info on The Grow School’s Online Cannabis Growing Classes that you can take from home, CLICK HERE.  

Q: Who can take a Cannabis Growing Course?
A: Any Adult (21 or over) can take a Cannabis Growing Course. Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers under the age of 21 may also take these Courses.  

Q: Why do you teach the soil method? Why not hydroponics?
Soil cultivation is one of the simplest and most forgiving of all mediums to grow cannabis in, and the final product generally has a better taste. The goal of these courses is to teach high quality cannabis growing using the most natural and/or organic means possible. Once the student perfects indoor growing using the soil method, he/she will have a strong technical foundation that can be applied in the future if the student wishes to experiment with other, more complicated growing techniques such as hydroponics, Nutrient-Film Technique, DWC (deep-water culture), etc.

Q: How does the 1 year of  FREE Garden Support work?
A:If the student adheres to the guidelines and principles taught by The Grow School, he/she should have continued growing success. However, if a problem should arise that the student can’t solve using techniques taught by The Grow School, we will personally assist the student in remediating the situation by e-mail, telephone, or house call to the student’s legal garden (Denver Metro area) by a Colorado Licensed Medical Marijuana GROWER or CARE-PROVIDER. The Grow School will also make product recommendations, and direct students to quality local dispensaries to obtain seeds or clones if needed. For more info on Garden Support, Click HERE.

Q: Does The Grow School SELL Marijuana, Cannabis Seeds or Clones?
A: No they do not, but they can help students obtain FREE cannabis, clones, or seeds. Under Colorado state law and HB-1284, only licensed dispensaries can SELL Cannabis Products. However, under Colorado Amendment-64, your instructor can give you a free cannabis sample, free clones, or free seeds (if available)…just email our instructor in advance to be sure what you need is available for you on the day of your class.


Q: I can’t make it to my scheduled class due to an emergency. What do I do?
A: You can reschedule your class free of charge by contacting your Instructor at the phone number on your Student Enrollment E-Mail Confirmation. If you cannot re-schedule your class in Colorado for any reason, you will be provided with access to an Online HD Video Recording of your GROW-101 Class.

Q: What about my privacy? I don’t want to be on any lists regarding cannabis. A: The Grow School takes privacy very seriously and will never sell or give out any student information without the express consent of the student. The only information The Grow School maintains on file is: Student name, e-mail address, and graduation date (for purposes of enrollment in The Grow School’s Garden Support Program).

Q: Are these courses Legal?
A: Yes. The Grow School is 100% compliant with Colorado Amendment 64, Colorado Amendment 20, Colorado HB-1284, Colorado SB-10-109, and all Colorado State and Local Marijuana laws and ordinances. The Grow School does not sell marijuana, seeds, clones, or marijuana infused products. Students agree that they WILL NOT use any of the information presented to them by The Grow School in an illegal manner or to harbor any illegal activity in their home state of residence or elsewhere.

Q: After graduation can The Grow School help me find the best deals on growing supplies and equipment?
A: Yes we can, and we will. The Grow-101 course includes a LIFETIME discount on any and all gardening supplies the student may need. The Grow School works closely with the most affordable, quality grow supply stores in the Denver Metro area. These stores have offered to allow The Grow School’s students to use The Grow School’s Personal Corporate Discount on any and all needed grow supplies!


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