Indoor Cannabis Growing Classes

The Grow School’s Grow-101 Indoor Cannabis Growing Classes will teach you, in-depth, EVERYTHING you will need to know to succeed at Legal Indoor Cannabis Growing on your first try. Even experienced growers can benefit from GROW-101 by getting back to the basics, as The Grow School’s Classes contain SCIENCE-BASED knowledge, and not just fertilizer secrets and “Growing Tricks”.

The Grow School’s Grow-101 Indoor Cannabis Growing Course is available in Public and Private Classes, Live Online Courses you can take from home (hosted by an actual instructor), or as a Self-Paced Online Video Course you can take from home at your own speed. The exact same information presented in the Public Classes, is also presented in the Private Classes, Online Courses, and Self-Paced Courses.

There is no prerequisite “Grow Course” or Growing Experience needed to take any Grow School Course. The Grow School’s Indoor Cannabis Growing Classes and Courses are available to any Adult regardless of their home State of Residence.

Your GROW-101 instructor easily will guide you through the all of the mysteries of growing cannabis and teach you first-hand about Proper Equipment Selection; Correct Grow Room Setup; Electrical Theory and Safety Requirements; Ventilation Options and Solutions; Odor Mitigation and Elimination; Soil Mixing; Simple Grow-Room Environment Modifications; Cannabis Grow Theory; Identifying a Cannabis Plant’s Sex; Watering and Fertilizing; Problem Solving; Using Organics for Control and Prevention (bugs, mold, mildew, etc); Cannabis Reproduction, Cloning, and Seed-Making; Harvesting and Trimming; and much, much, more.

The Grow School’s Indoor Cannabis Growing Courses are designed to show students how to Legally, Safely, and Successfully grow cannabis in an area as small as a 4-foot by 4-foot space in their home or apartment.

The techniques taught by The Grow School in GROW-101 can also be easily “scaled-up” and used in larger professional legal grow operations.

Upon completion of The Grow School’s GROW-101 Course, the student will be presented with a Graduation Diploma suitable for framing, a Lifetime Discount on all future purchases at choice Grow Supply stores, A Student Grow-101 EBook containing all of the information presented in the GROW-101 Course, and Free access to The Grow School’s 24/7 “Garden Support Program” (see “Garden Support” under Grow Classes in the website menu above).

If you prefer ONLINE “LIVE” COURSES that you can take from home, Click HERE.


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